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little dark age. — mgmt.
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➫ fav movies.
the lost boys. the shining. the outsiders. stand by me. heathers. beetlejuice. the craft. scream. it. gleaming the cube.
➫ fav shows.
the umbrella academy. lucifer. stranger things. misfits. ianowt. eotfw. my babysitter's a vampire.
➫ fav animes.
death note. danganronpa. bsd. jjk. kakegurui. demon slayer. tbhk. death parade. + others
➫ fav bands.
idkhow. set it off. fall out boy. my chem. melanie martinez. mother mother. lemon demon. the orion experience.

important info.

..................... 666

8teen. sapphic. capricorn.
infj. 4w3. multifandom.

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